Hickory-PDHickory – The Hickory Police Department has designated two parking spaces in the front west public parking lot of police headquarters that are intended to be a “Safe Exchange Zone.” These spaces are clearly marked with “Safe Exchange Zone” signs.

The spaces are open to anyone who needs a safe area to complete legal negotiations, such as personal sales transactions for items purchased online.

The Hickory Police Department is also offering the area to blended families to use for child custody arrangements. The area is under surveillance and is meant to deter transaction frauds and help prevent someone from becoming the victim of a crime.

There are no guarantees expressed or implied that make this zone 100% safe or to prevent any type of crime against persons within the area. The area establishes a place where people could come without having to make exchanges at their home or random parking lots.

Hickory Police Department: 347 2nd Ave SW, Hickory, NC 28602 Phone: (828) 328-5551