Hickory – Hickory Public Libraries’ Summer Learning Program, Build a Better World, continues with a celebration of drumming and African culture with The Rhythm of the Drum, a musical storytelling program by The Healing Force.

People of all ages are invited to the Ridgeview Recreation Center at 10:00 am on Tuesday, August 15, to experience the power of the drum and to learn about other traditional African instruments including the djembe, dununs, agogo bell, shekeres, rain sticks, thumb pianos and more.

The Healing Force is a family of musicians and performers hailing from Winston-Salem, NC. Their engaging performances emphasize the connectedness of the human family through music and leave audiences feeling renewed and upbeat.

Come celebrate the power of music and story in African culture with The Healing Force on Tuesday, August 15, at 10:00 am at the Ridgeview Recreation Center. You’ll be happy to have experienced this wonderful show!

The Ridgeview Recreation Center is located at 115 7th Avenue SW beside the Ridgeview Library. For directions or more information about this program, please call Carole Dennis at the Ridgeview Library, 828-345-6037.

The Healing Force