Hickory – Hickory Downtown Development Association has shared the latest update on the construction project and upcoming road closings.

Regarding the two crosswalks (mid-alley and 2nd St) in Trade Alley, access from 3rd Street will be closed to excavate the cross walk and this access will be closed until the end of the week (November 3).

The overlay will take place sometime during the week of the 6th of November.

First Avenue NW was closed Monday the 30th to excavate and pour the crosswalk. The lower parking deck and parking lots are accessible from 3rd Street NW. The road will be opened on the weekend.

Monday, November 6th, 1st Avenue NW will be closed again to complete the 30-inch storm drain crossing the Avenue. The lower parking deck will be accessible from 2nd Street NW, the other parking lots should be accessible from 3rd Street NW. Hopefully, the pavement will be laid this same week and 1st Avenue will be open on the weekend.

This should complete the road work and have everything completed for the parade on November 17.