Newton, NC – The Catawba County Library is a great place to learn, act, and grow as they host the Advanced Gardener Series at two of their branch locations throughout 2017. The upcoming presentation of the eleven-month series will be, “Beans, Peas and DIY Fertilizer”.

Dr. George Place, Catawba County Cooperative Extension Director, will be talking about how beans, peas, peanuts, clover, and other legumes can help your garden for food production, pollinator attraction, soil improvement, and provide nitrogen, a key fertilizer element.

The Advanced Gardener Series plays an integral role in the Farm and Food Sustainability Plan passed by Catawba County in 2013, which lays out clear action plans in working for a healthier county, while creating a local food system and preserving farmland.

The Advanced Gardener Series was awarded “Best Adult Education Library Program” in North Carolina in 2016.

Participants that attend presentations and conduct twenty hours of community garden service in 2017 will receive certification as Advanced Gardeners.

In addition, they will receive gardening incentives, such as coupons and gift certificates from local garden supply businesses, and an Advanced Gardening T-shirt! More information on this program is available at each session.

The Catawba County Library presentations this month will be at the Main Library, Newton on July 18th at 6:30 pm, and at the Maiden Library on July 25th at 6:30 pm.

Advanced Gardener Vegetables on TableThe 2017 series will include the following presentations:

August: Grains and Your Garden

September: Onions, Garlic, Leeks, Asparagus & More

October: Leafy Greens & Garden Perennials

November: Berries & Fruit in Your Garden

For the latest in library news, visit or stop by your local branch.