Hickory – Full Circle Arts’ latest exhibition/competition “Sticky Creations” is open to the public through Saturday, May 29 in the gallery and on the FCA website.

All of the art in this show is made of tape. According to FCA president Ellen Schwarzbek, “It was great fun figuring out how to use this unusual medium. The artists came up with an amazing variety of sculptures and wall art. People should at least see the Little Black Dress (a wearable, we’re told). ” Even the ribbons that were awarded are made of tape by FCA member Alison Willard.

Full Circle Arts appreciates the support of Shurtape Technologies for providing much of the tape and items for merchant awards.

The show was judged by Clay James and the winners are:

Individual category
First: Greed and Growth, by Alexx Dula
Second: Dragonfly Dream, by Tereza Bentley
Third: Polaroid, by Erika Lowrance
Honorable mentions:
Shadow Bridge, by L. Michelle Bitler
Night Time in the Smokies, by L. Michelle Bitler
Little Black Dress, by Melissa Crosson
Elven Helmet, by Christopher Parsons
Primary Figure, by Savannah Shanley

Family category
First: Classy Lips, by Evelyn, Ashley & Jackson Jeffries
Second: The Washi Night, by The Gettys Family
Third: The Sun Sets, by Connor, Quintin, Jeff Kiefer

Student category (Grandview and Northview Middle Schools)
First: Red bird, by Hieu Le
Second: Untitled, by Kameron Mack
Third: Freddy Fazbear, by Cloe Arnold

Honorable mentions:
Doctor Who’s TARDIS, by Sophia Dentins
Untitled, by Pluto Quinn
Batman Figure, by Noah Stephens

Full Circle Arts is a non-profit artists’ cooperative located in downtown Hickory, 42-B Third Street NW. Hours currently are Thursday, 11:00am to 5:00pm and Saturday, 10:00am to 2:00pm. More information about Full Circle Arts, classes, membership, or other upcoming events is available at 828-322-7545. You may also write to Full Circle Arts, PO Box 3905, Hickory NC 28603, or email gallery@fullcirclearts.org. Please visit our website at www.fullcirclearts.org.

Photo: Classy Lips, by Evelyn, Ashley & Jackson Jeffries