Rutherford College, NC – Saturday, April 27th, New Age Fitness is hosting a free seminar focused on bringing our bodies into balance to achieve all fitness and health goals at once. This 90-minute event starts at 10am at New Age Fitness Studio, 920 Malcolm Blvd, Rutherford College, NC.

“When it comes to health and fitness, people have different needs. And those needs change throughout their lives,” said Tammi McClendon, fitness expert and owner of New Age Fitness. “Especially as we age, weight loss is not easy and takes a higher level of understanding in order to achieve healthy, sustainable weight loss.”

McClendon’s passion comes from her own journey to wellness. After her son’s birth, her weight was nearly 300 pounds. After an entire adulthood of obesity, she found herself, at 31 years old, at her heaviest non-pregnancy weight, suffering from post-partum depression, chronic fatigue and anxiety as well as approaching numbers that would place her in a prediabetic state. While Tammi had spent so many years fixated on losing weight, she had to shift her focus to something much greater: saving her very life. She shifted her focus to learning how to naturally heal herself and soon learned that weight loss became an almost effortless side-effect to bringing her body into balance. She began to truly understand that ideal weight is connected to the spiritual, nutritional and psychological well-being of the entire body.

Even after losing 130 pounds and keeping it off for several years, McClendon faced new challenges when her mother was diagnosed with cancer and passed away two years later. Tammi recalls, “When I came out of the fog of mourning my mother’s death, I found myself 41 years old and feeling very sick.” While she had somehow managed to control her weight throughout her mother’s sickness, she had neglected her health and was now also dealing with the hormonal shifts of now being in her 40s. However, she once again turned to her tried and true method of learning what she needed to do to, now, bring her body into balance again. And what she discovered this time around was just how individual each person’s journey to wellness is, based on who they are and where they are in their lives.

This seminar is part of the continuing education commitment of New Age Fitness, bringing new, effective techniques and information to the public. In addition to Tammi’s presentation, there will be a question and answer session, information for all to take home and the even will be live streamed on the New Age Fitness Facebook page. This event has limited seating, so be sure to RSVP to New Age Fitness to reserve your seat.

New Age Fitness was developed by Tammi and her late mother to with the vision of creating an environment that was nurturing and welcoming to all and offered each person their own path to total wellness: mind, body and soul. In honor of her mother and this shared dream, Tammi will continue to periodically offer workshops like this one free of charge so that the information is available for everyone, no matter their situation in life.

New Age Fitness also offers a variety of classes at an affordable price, including yoga, basic “how to” classes and more. For more information and for class schedules, visit New Age Fitness on Facebook and at
Tammi McClendon