Hickory – The League of Women Voters’ nonpartisan voter guide — VOTE411.org — is now election ready. Residents in Catawba County can use the site as they prepare to vote in the November 2nd municipal and school board elections. Today is the start of early voting or one-stop voting.Free Voter Info

VOTE411.org is a comprehensive resource on voting information. By entering an address, citizens can see their own sample ballot and compare candidate responses to questions. The site also offers detailed instructions on registering to vote, finding early voting locations, confirming Election Day polling places. It also helps take the guesswork out of the absentee-by-mail process.

From the League’s founding in February 1920, it has been dedicated to the belief that citizens should play a critical role in democracy. Citizens are encouraged to utilize VOTE411.org to help them make a voting plan so they can vote when they are ready.

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan grassroots organization dedicated to empowering voters and defending democracy. The League works to inform and engage the community and to encourage citizens’ participation in government.