Hickory – We need fresh, healthy, local food now, more than ever! Come get some fresh air and stock up on locally grown nutritious food!

We have strawberries, asparagus, beef, lamb, pork, fresh produce, honey, mushrooms, goat cheese, baked goods, eggs, flowers, plants and face masks for sale and more!

The 2020 Hickory Farmer’s Market has opened for the regular season at the same temporary location we used last season, at 330 Main Ave NW, Hickory, in the Lowes Foods City Park parking lot. We are beginning the season in this location for two reasons. The days and hours for the farmers market are Wednesdays from 10am – 2pm and Saturdays from 8am – 1pm.

One, construction is underway on Union Square and the city is hoping to complete it by the time re-open businesses downtown are able to reopen. In partnering with the city and the businesses we will give them space to work straight through this time, and set up in the parking lot for the first month or so.

Secondly, the parking lot allows us much more space to spread out the vendors and allows social distancing for vendors and shoppers.

We are also continuing the token program! Did you know: You can use your credit or debit cards to get tokens to use with our vendors at our SNAP/EBT booth? For a $1 convenience fee, you can get any amount of tokens in $5 increments on your credit or debit card. SNAP tokens have no fee. The credit/debit convenience fee helps pay for our SNAP program! Thank you for your support!

The Farmers’ Market is a popular destination in downtown Hickory from April till October for people and families of all ages. Under regular circumstances, we work hard to create a welcome, warm downtown community hub with music and other attractions, inviting you to stay, shop for local, healthy, handmade things, and maybe try something new.

At the heart of this experience are our farmers who grow fresh, healthy, local food. We feel so lucky to have a market like this in Hickory.

With the arrival of COVID-19, we must offer you a stripped down, safe and efficient way to shop so we can deliver the essence of what you need from our farmers during this pandemic. We are taking many precautions, and enacting practices for our vendors and guests to keep everyone healthy and safe. Thank you for your cooperation as we move through this challenge and continue to bring you healthy, fresh, local food!

Please treat coming to the market during this time as a quick, efficient errand, rather than a family outing or social event.
• Where you can, please pre-order and pre-pay from vendors.
• Please do not come to market if you are sick or not feeling well.
• Please come with as few people as you can.
• Please only one person at each booth at a time.
• Vendors will be wearing gloves – please let them bag items for you.
• Hand sanitizer will be available at booths.
• CDC recommends wearing a face mask if you are out in public.

Thank you for observing these guidelines and helping keep the market safe.