Hickory – Catawba Valley Community College’s Interdisciplinary Read Committee has chosen “Walk to Beautiful: The Power of Love and a Homeless Kid Who Found the Way” by Jimmy Wayne for its annual read.

The first in a series of presentations related to the book will be held Wed., Sept. 21, at noon in the East Wing Auditorium located on the Main Campus in Hickory. Community members are invited to attend this first and all subsequent presentations.

CVCC’s Interdisciplinary Read program engages students from various core disciplines and encourages them to consider themselves as part of a larger community and society. The program also highlights diversity through critical thinking, study and research. The committee chose “Walk to Beautiful” as a catalyst to promote student and community engagement.

Thought provoking events will be held throughout the year on Wayne’s powerfully emotive personal account of a childhood spent hungry, homeless, and bouncing in and out of the foster care system. He managed to find love and refuge in an elderly couple. Those supportive foster parents provided a stable home and chance to complete his education. He ultimately became a successful country singer, author, and in-demand motivational speaker.

wayne-jimmy-walk-to-beautiful-coverIn 2010, Wayne walked halfway across America to raise awareness for kids aging out of the foster care system. The next year, he became national spokesperson for the National Court Appointed Special Advocate Association and released the novel “Paper Angels,” which became a made-for-TV movie of the same title.

In 2012, Wayne helped get a bill passed extending the age of foster care to 21 in both California and Tennessee. He lives in Nashville and continues to raise awareness for kids by writing, singing and speaking.

For updates on discussions and campus events focused on “Walk to Beautiful,” visit the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/CVCCBookRead.

If you need accommodations, please contact Wanda Horvath at CVCC, 828-327-7000 ext. 4222, whorvath@cvcc.edu. For more information about the book discussion, contact Donna Ross, 828-327-7000 ext. 4111, or dross@cvcc.edu.

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