Ever stop by a car lot just to dream about owning a new car? With prices these days, a dream and a lucky penny might get you a test drive. After, a fan and cold lemonade returns you to consciousness from sticker shock, of course.

Isn’t it amazing how automobiles have increased in value. Talking about cars at a dealership, of course, because the one in our driveway decreased in value as soon as we signed on the dotted line. Unfortunately, we give to get. Not implying our vehicles are worthless (some, debatable) by any stretch of the word. I’m simply still recovering from sticker shock after hitting the car lots this morning in search of a used pickup truck.

Clyde, my current yard truck, has been a great truck. We’ve been through so much together…the dump…flea markets…a kitchen remodel…my daughter’s storage unit… (a very scary place, Clyde was terrified). Yes, over the years, we’ve been there, done it, and got matching tees. Even though, at 26, the years have been kind to Clyde, it’s time for a slightly updated version of what I like to call…a yard truck.

Don’t need fancy. Or, new-fangled. Or, new and improved new-fangled. Just need one that’ll take me at a moment’s notice to my favorite home improvement store when I’ve frantically realized I’m out of Gorilla glue. Plus, I’d like it to have an extended cab so the dogs can ride since I am most assuredly finished transporting them to the vet in the car. Especially at the same time! Yeppers, after the second day of scrubbing the backseat I decided it was time for a new way to haul the canine crew. That means I’m about to embark on finding Clyde…the sequel. Yippee!

There’s only one catch…I love trucks! Like, totally. Like, unless it’s a classic 1959 Impala, or a 1950’s step side, or blizzard white Shelby with blue stripes, there ain’t too many four wheelers sexier than a pickup truck. And if it’s a dually…OMG…it’s the bomb!

In fact, I love trucks so much…straight out of the gate this morning I found a pearlescent quad cab with a six-foot bed, running boards, sport bumper, tinted windows with vent visors, bug shield, dual exhaust and picture of a bass on the back window. Shoot fire, I was ready to trade in my car, my house and my first born just to drive it home. Dickens, did it ever have my name all over it!

Then after a few sips of ice cold lemonade my slightly bruised ego and I vaguely recalled our mission… NOT to buy a monster truck. Simply find a new yard truck without bells and whistles. Deflated, I gathered my wits (and a paper bag in case I hyperventilated again) and drove slowly out of the lot. My dream of a driving freakin’ phat truck burst. POOF!

Refocusing as the morning progressed, I kicked a few tires, checked inside wheel wells for rust, tried sliding seats forward, clicked door locks open and closed, and even offered a ’05 LaSabre for trade. Frustrated by the lack of ‘yard trucks’ compared to 4-wheel drive monster trucks I decided to come home. Sigh…

Jeepers, I was so set on buying a truck today, the last place I stopped I almost asked to see under the hood. You know, to check for squirrels. Er…damage. I meant, check for squirrel damage. Who says a girl can’t buy a truck!

Can you imagine…cruising on four new wheels?

Smile, it’s time to ride!



Image: Clyde, helping with the kitchen remodel