Coffee With Friends

Magna Matheson

Hiddenite – The Hiddenite Arts & Heritage Center welcomes women to come and enjoy “Coffee With Friends” on Saturday, August 13th from 10:00am – 11:30am. This uplifting social event will be held at The Hiddenite Center Educational Building located at 70 Hiddenite Church Road. Bring friends for an inspirational conversation led by Magda Matheson with Women Full Of Grace.

Coffee and danishes will be provided and available for all who wish to participate. This event is FREE, but please register by calling The Hiddenite Center at (828) 632-6966 so that accommodations can be prepared.
Magda Matheson is a Brazilian native and an accomplished specialist in motivation and team building. She works toward promoting changes in professional and personal life by proposing solutions in the complex world of social relations. She leads others to recognize the difference between “who wants” and “who does” in the social and business sides of society. As a female researcher, she educates others in her workshops of how women can conquer their space and stand out in the business and social world. She has experience in the supervision of store chains consisting of 7,000 professionals. Magda is an author of several training courses on behavior issues as well as the producer of corporate training in customer service and sales consulting. She is also a facilitator of the “Art of War for Women” course as a speaker in large companies across Brazil. Today, Magda helps hundreds of women as an administrator of the group- Women Full Of Grace. In this group, she helps women to rise to become better as mothers, wives, daughters, and professionals. This group serves more than 500 women in Brazil, USA, and Spain.

All women are invited to enjoy this free event with refreshments and to come be empowered and inspired! Please register for this free event by calling The Hiddenite Center at (828) 632-6966.