Newton, NC – The Cline Reunion for those who descended from Johann Sebastian Klein (Cline) and S. C. Elizabeth Bieber (Beaver) will be held the weekend of July 1 -3 at Old St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Newton. This reunion, which is generally held every two years, will have this church of Sebastian “Boston” and Elizabeth Klein as its main site. The Kleins lived about one-half mile from Old St. Paul’s.

The 2016 reunion commemorates the 300th year since the birth of Sebastian  Klein in Postorff, Alsace, Germany (now France). He arrived in America in 1739 and then came from Pennsylvania with his wife and their  4 or 5 oldest children to what is now Catawba County about 1752. The majority of Cline descendants in and around Catawba County can trace their lineage to this couple. Thousands of people with many surnames from all over the nation are now descended from Sebastian and Elizabeth Bieber Klein.

Catawba County Museum of History in Newton will be the location of an opening reception on Friday July 1, 6:30-8:30pm. The event begins the next day at Old St. Paul’s Lutheran Church at 8:00am with a short business meeting. Other activities are scheduled with Cline history and genealogical themes followed by a keynote address from Dr. Gary Freeze. There is an additional talk by Professor Richard Eller, the historian in residence for the Catawba County Historical Association. An on-site catered lunch is provided for those with advance registrations received by June 28. There will be Cline souvenirs and books available. A bus tour of Cline-related historical sites will be available in the afternoon.

The Sunday program begins at 8:00am with a patriotic-themed worship service in St. Paul’s oldest existing building which was built by Henry Cline, grandson of Sebastian, in 1818. He repurposed some of the materials from an even older church. After the service there will be a presentation by David Cline of his trip to Alsace-Loraine. It will be followed by a catered brunch at 10:30 for those who have reserved it in advance. A second bus tour is scheduled at noon.

Participants may attend part or all of the three-day event. For information about attending or registration call Metaleen Thomas at 828-396-1520 or Julie Cline at 828-294-3846. The new reunion website is