cvic-human-rights-day-2015Hickory – The Catawba Valley Interfaith Council (CVIC) invites the public to join them for a gathering on September 22, 2016 at 7:00pm at Catawba Valley Medical Center in the AHEC hospital classroom. They will be discussing future plans for CVIC, and begin to accept memberships from individuals as well as faith and community groups.

In addition, Mystic Minister Kessiah Young of the God Seeker Synagogue will present one of their “God Studies” entitled “Mysticism.” The God Seeker Synagogue is an ecumenical group in the Catawba Valley open to all religious and non-religious people. They seek to foster a safe and respectful community and environment for all participants of their faith group.

CVIC is a compassionate interfaith community in the Catawba Valley that fosters acceptance and respect for all. Their mission is to be a group of faith-based and secular communities serving as a catalyst for hope and cooperating for the purpose of dialogue, information sharing, and celebration.

CVIC President Donald Flick said: “This is such an important time for people of faith and people of no faith to come together and learn to trust one another so we can foster a community that can work and love together regardless of the challenges we face. The Interfaith Council is dedicated to providing educational and fellowship experiences where people can talk freely about their faith and their concerns in a safe environment designed to help create bonds of trust and acceptance. We hope all faith groups in our community will choose to be involved in the Council in some creative way.”

For information about CVIC membership or future events, you can contact them by email at or sign up for their mailing list via their Facebook page at

Photo: Leaders of the Catawba Valley Interfaith Council are seen at the  December 10, 2016 Human Rights Day held at temple Beth Shalom in Hickory, NC. Pictured left to right front row: Rev. Dan Duke, Bethany Lutheran Church; President Mick Berry, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; Rev. Linda Peterson, Unifour Christian Fellowship Church; Elder Romero and Elder Harrison, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; Rev. Susan Walker, Exodus Missionary Outreach Church and Church of the Master UCC; Rev Willetta Ar-Rahmaan, St. Paul United Methodist Church; JoAnne Flick, Church of the Master UCC; Rev. Kim E. Moss, Mt. Pisgah AME; Rev. Don Flick, Church of the Master UCC; middle row: Rev. Reggie Longcrier, Exodus Missionary Outreach Church; Rev. Patrick Campbell, Church of the Master UCC; Rev. Karla Woggon, Episcopal Church of the Ascension; Minister Michelle Mathis, Exodus Missionary Outreach Church; Dr. Barbara Laufer, Temple Beth Shalom; Rev. Cliff Moone, First Presbyterian Church of Hickory; Rev. Nevin Feather, Church of the Master UCC; Barbara Beier, Catawba Valley Unitarian Universalist Church; back row: Rev. Bob MacDicken, Catawba Valley Unitarian Universalist Church; Bro. Duane Muhammad, Islamic Study Group; Larry Laufer, Temple Beth Shalom; Dr. David Latke, Lenoir-Rhyne University; Rabbi Dennis Jones, Temple Beth Shalom; Bishop Mike Woods, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.