Hickory – The Women’s Resource Center hosts “Breaking Up & Moving On,” presented by Attorney Carmen Pope Brown on Wednesday, February 24th, from 7-8:30pm.

Breaking Up
What does it mean to be legally separated?
How do I become legally separated?
Should I leave or can I make my spouse leave?
Can I file my own divorce?
How does the court decide who gets custody?
How can I get my ex to pay child support?
Am I entitled to alimony?
Who gets the house?

Moving On
How can I avoid unnecessary drama with my ex?
How can I stop being the victim of circumstances?
How can I find a way to do everything I need to do?

Masks are required and the class will be limited to a small number of participants to provide for social distancing. To register call 828-322-6333 or email communitysupport@wrchickory.org. There is a $5 fee Registration Required. Childcare is NOT provided.

Women’s Resource Center is located at 125 3rd Street NE, Hickory.