Bethlehem, NC – The Bethlehem Star Lighting program is scheduled for Saturday, December 5, and an inclement weather date of Sunday, December 6 at Mt. Pisgah Lutheran Church on Highway 127 North, Hickory, NC. The 2020 Bethlehem Star Lighting program has undergone a change in format because of the Covid-19 restrictions. Instead of an outdoor service around bonfires with hot chocolate, walking to the manger, and having musical groups perform, the program will now be a drive thru event. The event will include an emphasis on the religious nature of the events leading up to the birth of Jesus and the appearance of the Bethlehem Star.

To maintain social distancing, no walking through the scenes will be allowed. Attendees are also encouraged to carpool to the event. No bathrooms will be available for visitors.

The drive thru will take approximately 15 minutes with a continuous flow of cars from 6:00 until 7:30 p.m. Attendees may find less traffic in the period between 6:45-7:30 p.m. The Bethlehem Fire Department and Alexander County Sheriff’s Department, and Law Enforcement Explorers will maintain the flow of traffic. Dual lanes will be established as cars enter the parking area. A collection point will be provided for Alexander Flood Relief near the exit.

Ten scenes will be available around the periphery of the Mt. Pisgah parking lot. Seven churches in Bethlehem are participating in readings and staffing various scenes. Promised Land Ministries is scheduled to be the lead church. Pastor Billy Honeycutt of Promised Land Ministries will be reading the Scripture about the Star at the end of the program. As visitors arrive, they will receive a program containing a QR code that may be used to play a YouTube program of music and narrations for the individual scenes. The QR code will also be posted before the event and a video of the program after the event on the Mt. Pisgah Lutheran Church webpage.

Donnie Teague, Bethlehem native and retired CEO of Huntington House Furniture, is the star lighting honoree for 2020. Donnie has followed in his late father Clayton Teague’s footprints as a leader in the furniture industry and creator of jobs in the Bethlehem Community. Like his father, Donnie is well known for his community support through donations and providing personal assistance with community activities such as scouting and other volunteer programs. Donnie and his wife, Myra live in Bethlehem. Donnie has 2 children – Corey and Kellie and 3 grandchildren.

Scenes will be staffed and narrated by church members, pastors, and other community members.

A second event, the traditional Fellowship Advent Drive Thru will continue to have approximately 25 scenes and will also be strictly a drive thru event on December 11-13 from 6:00-9:00 pm.

Through the efforts of many groups and individuals, we hope and pray for a safe and Holy night as we provide this special gift to visitors in our “Little Town of Bethlehem.”.