Scream Factory:

The Unborn (1991) (**) James Karen is a crazed doctor who inseminates Brooke Adams with mutated sperm, leading to the creation of a super human infant. If only it were as satisfying as the premise suggests. Extras include filmmaker commentary and theatrical trailer.

Brainscan (1994) (** ½) Terminator 2 star Edward Furlong is a socially awkward teen who gets more than he bargained after encountering a video game that brings his darker personality aspects to the surface.  Extras include audio commentary, behind the scenes footage, multiple featurettes, still gallery and trailers.

Return of the Living Dead, Part 2 (1987) (**) The plot is mostly a rehash of the fondly remembered 1985 original in this in name only sequel. Some of the makeup effects are quite good, though. Extras include multiple commentaries, multiple featurettes and trailers.

Straight Jacket (1964) (** ½) William Castles directs Joan Crawford as a woman who has recently been released from the asylum after lopping off her husband and lover’s head twenty years prior. Is Joan to blame when the murders start anew? Fun moments abound, especially Joan’s performance.  Extras include audio commentary, multiple featurettes, costume and makeup tests, screen tests, still gallery and trailer.

The Tingler (1959) (** ½) Another fondly remembered William Castle effort featuring Vincent Price as a doctor who unleashes the parasitic creature of the film’s title.  Extras include audio commentary, multiple featurettes, trailer and still gallery.

Image: Vincent Price succumbs to the Tingler!

Arrow Video/MVD Entertainment:

The Cat O’ Nine Tails (1971) (** ½) A reporter and a blind puzzle maker team up to stop a killer in Italian director Dario Argento’s second film. Extras include new director interviews, audio commentary, new subtitle translation and multiple trailers.

The Gore Gore Girls (1972) (** ½) The girls at a go-go club are turning up dead in large numbers and in very grotesque ways in another of Herschell Gordon Lewis’s infamous splatter fests.  Extras include bonus feature This Stuff’ll Kill Ya, audio commentary and multiple featurettes.

The Us Festival: 1982 The US Generation (2017) (***) is a documentary film about the music festival of the film’s title which featured The Police, Fleetwood Mac and Tom Petty, to name a few. Extras include outtakes and audio commentary.



Memories of Underdevelopment (1968) (***) One of the most renowned films in Cuban cinema is an arresting study of a man longing for the wife and child lost after they fled during the Bay of Pigs invasion. Extras include a feature length film on the director of the film, featurettes, and an essay booklet.

Smithereens (1982) (***) Young Punk Wren (Susan Berman), moves to NYC with dreams of making it big in Susan Seidelmans’ debut film. Extras include audio commentary, new interviews, two early shorts by the film’s director and an essay booklet.


Olive Films:

Bound (1996) (*** ½) The superb debut film by The Wachowskis (The Matrix) is a delicious film noir about two women scheming to steal a bundle from the mob and stars Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon. Extras include two cuts of the film, audio commentary, multiple featurettes and theatrical trailer.


Warner Archive:

(Available at

Home From the Hill 1960 (***) Vincente Minnelli directs this saga of a man (Robert Mitchum) and his two sons (George Peppard, George Hamilton), one of whom is illegitimate. There are no extras.

The Naked and the Dead (1958) (***) is an entertaining adaptation of the Norman Mailer novel revolving around the clash of two soldiers during the war in the Pacific. No Extras.

The Last Hunt (1956) (***) Richard Brooks writes/directs this engaging western tale of buffalo hunters. Extras include vintage TV promos and theatrical trailer.


Kino Lorber:

The Inkwell (1994) (** ½) is a coming of age film taking place during the summer of 1976. Here, a young African American man finds himself torn between two women on Martha’s Vineyard. Extras include audio commentary.

Cradle Will Rock (1999) (** ½) Orson Welles’ attempt to mount a stage production of a play of the film’s title forms the backbone of this unfocused but still interesting film. Extras include commentary and production featurette.

Country (1984) (***) Jessica Lange stars as a woman fighting to retain control of her family farm when the bank calls in its loan. Extras include audio commentary.


Twilight Time: (Limited to 3,000 units and available for purchase at  and 

Gloria (1980) (** ½) Gena Rowlands is a gangster moll who finds herself protecting an orphaned boy in one of John Cassavetes lighter efforts. Extras include isolated score track and the film’s trailer.

Image: John Adames & Gena Rowlands in Gloria

The Hot Rock (1972) (***) Very funny heist film features Robert Redford leading a bumbling team in an attempt to steal a prized diamond. Extras include audio commentary, isolated score track and the film’s trailer.

Rapid Fire (1992) (** ½) The late Brandon Lee stars as an art student who tangles with the Mafia. Extras include audio commentary, isolated music track, featurettes and the film’s trailer.

The Virgin Soldiers (1969) (** ½) A group of soldiers compete for the attention of their sergeant’s daughter, circa 1950, in this service comedy. Extras include isolated music track and the film’s trailer.


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