Den of Thieves (2018) (**) Two men on opposing sides of the law collide in the aftermath of a bank robbery in this standard actioner starring Gerard Butler. Extras include alternate ending and featurettes.


Grease (1978) (***) is still the word in this 40th anniversary edition, which features a stunning new transfer and new extras, among them a never before seen alternate ending and alternate titles. This is also the home video debut of the iconic musical in the 4K format, which is the preferable way to go with this title. All extras from the previous edition have been carried over.

Up in Smoke (1978) (***) The frequently hilarious film debut of comedy duo, Cheech and Chong, has been issued in a 40th anniversary edition. This release boasts a new transfer and lots of extras.

13 Reasons Why (2017) (***) is the critically acclaimed Netflix series, which chronicles, in thirteen episodes, the reasons why a high school girl took her own life. Powerful and potent stuff. Extras include multiple featurettes.

Warner Archive: (Available at www.wbshop.com)

Les Girls (1957) (** ½) A tell all memoir sets in motion the plot of this musical featuring songs by the great Cole Porter. Directed by George Cukor, the film stars Gene Kelly and Mitzi Gaynor. Extras include a vintage cartoon, featurette and the film’s trailer.

Fox Home Entertainment:

The Greatest Showman (**) features Hugh Jackman leading the cast in this musical retelling of the life and times of master showman, P.T. Barnum. One’s tolerance for musicals of this type will dictate their interest. Over two hours of extras including sing along edition and featurettes.

Kino Lorber:

The Maze (1953) (**) Released during the height of the 3-D craze and featuring Richard Carlson as a man on the verge of marriage who breaks off his impending nuptials to investigate the death of his uncle at a foreboding Scottish castle. Written/directed by William Cameron Menzies, this is a film wherein the 3-D is the film’s sole calling card. Extras includes both 2-D and 3-D versions, audio commentary, 3-D trailer and on camera interviews.

Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story (***) is a fairly engrossing look at the life and times of the iconic actress. Extras include director interview and outtakes.

The Psychopath (1966) (** ½) is an atypical thriller from Amicus studios that centers on a grisly series of murders wherein the victims are all found in close proximity to a doll, which may hold the key. Director Freddie Francis crates a nice atmosphere even the ending isn’t much of a surprise.

Shout/Scream Factory:

Doctor Detroit (1984) (** ½) Dan Aykroyd is the title character, a college professor by day and a pimp by night. Yes, you read that right. Cast includes George Furth Howard Hesseman, Fran Drescher and James Brown. Extras include director commentary, vintage interviews, photo gallery, trailers, tv and radio spots.

Cyborg (1989) (* ½) is the film that put Jean-Claude Van Damme on the map, for better or worse, as he sets off on a mission to rescue the character of the film’s title. Typical of its time, the generic action and stunts have not aged well. Fans will find it a must own, though. Extras include director interviews, featurettes, trailer and more.

Full Moon High (1981) (***) Adam Arkin stars as a teen in the 1950s who’s bitten by a werewolf and must learn to accept his lot in life in this surprisingly funny comedy from cult filmmaker, Larry Cohen. Runs out of steam before the end but it’s generally a fun time. Extras include a director commentary.

Olive Films:

Joe (1970) (***) features Peter Boyle in his star making performance as the unrepentant racist of the film’s title who blackmails a man that accidentally murdered his daughter’s drug dealing boyfriend. No Extras.

Hope and Glory (1987) (***) Director John Boorman’s autobiographical take on the days of his youth during WWII as seen the through the eyes of a ten year old boy. A beautiful coming of age tale. No Extras.

Warner Brothers:

Paddington 2 (** ½) is the continuation of the adventures of the beloved children’s character. Here he settles in with a family and works a series of odd jobs in order to buy a book. Extras include multiple featurettes.

Father Figures (2017) (* ½) One of last year’s worst films, an atrocious attempt at comedy, wherein two twin brothers (Ed Helms, Owen Wilson) attempt to locate their biological father. Extras include gag reel and deleted scenes.

Twilight Time: (limited to 3,000 units and available for purchase at www.screenarchives.com and www.twilighttimemovies.com)

No Down Payment (1957) (** ½) Director Martin Ritt’s look at the social ills afflicting several families living in a California subdivision in the late 50s. The excellent cast features Joanne Woodward, Tony Randall and Jeffrey Hunter. Extras include isolated music track.

Auto Focus (2002) (*** ½) is the superb biopic of the sordid life and times of the star of TV’s Hogan’s Heroes, Bob Crane, expertly embodied by Greg Kinnear and featuring terrific supporting work by Willem Dafoe as his partner in crime. Extras include multiple commentaries, isolated score, trailer and a documentary.

Model Shop (1969) (** ½) is director Jacques Demy’s quasi sequel to his 1961 film, Lola, wherein that character comes to LA and develops a relationship with a disillusioned man about to be shipped off to Vietnam. Captures late 60s LA quite nicely. Extras include isolated music track and trailer.

Blue Denim (1959) (***) Carol Lynley and the late Brandon de Wilde star as a pair of teens dealing with an unwanted pregnancy in director/co-writer Phillip Dunne’s well made film. Extras include isolated music track and the film’s trailer.


The Virgin Suicides (1999) (** ½) is one of director Sofia Coppola’s better films, a tragic tale of the fate of five sisters and the boys who become obsessed with them. Features a terrific score by Air. Extras include audio commentary and trailer.

Coming soon: It’s Alive trilogy, Of Unknown Origin, Wild at Heart, Birth of a Nation (1919), 12 Strong, Hilda Crane, Next Stop Greenwich Village.

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Image: Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta in Grease; Scene from Blue Denium.