Hickory – Rick Cline’s annual African Drumming and Steel Drum Workshop will be held June 17-23. Participants of the African drumming workshop will learn traditional West African songs / rhythms and their meanings as well as how to improvise and “speak” with their drum. The workshop is for ages 9 and up. The African workshop is from 7:30-8:30 each night and no experience is required. The Steel drum workshop is from 6:30-7:30pm. Fee: $90. All instruments are provided.

Both workshops will be held at the SALT Block, located at 243 3rd Ave Ne, Hickory, 28601, NC.

Both groups will do a small presentation on Saturday 10am at the Hickory Farmer’s Market. To participate simply text 320-2959 or email rickclinenc@gmail.com. The workshops are supported by the Piedmont Percussion Program, a community percussion program for kids ages 6-18. For more information visit www.piedmontpercussionprogram.org.