Warner Brothers: 

Every Day (2018) (** ½) A teenaged girl falls in love with a boy who inhabits a different body each day in this tale of YA romance. Extras include featurettes and deleted scenes.


Pacific Rim: Uprising (**) This sequel to the entertaining 2013 creature fest, Pacific Rim, features more giant monster mayhem on display for fans of that sort of thing. Unfortunately, this one sorely lacks the presence of original director, Guillermo Del Toro to guide things. Extras include deleted scenes and featurettes. 

Tom Cruise & Rebecca Ferguson in MI: Rogue Nation


Mission Impossible Collection (1996-2015) (*** average rating) All five of the previous MI films have been issued separately in Ultra HD 4K with gorgeous new transfers. Each film contains an extra Blu-ray disc with all extras from previous releases.

The Death of Stalin (2018) (***) (DVD Only) is just what the title says, a hugely entertaining satire based on true life events surrounding the death of the notorious Russian ruler. Extras include deleted scenes and a featurette.  

Jerry Lewis: 10 Films (1953-1965) (*** average) (DVD Only) This set contains a good portion of the comic actor’s work as a director following his split with Dean Martin. Titles include The Stooge, The Delicate Delinquent, The Bellboy, Cinderfella, The Errand Boy, The Ladies Man, The Nutty Professor, The Disorderly Orderly, The Patsy and The Family Jewels. The set also includes 90 minutes of bonus features.  

Sherlock Gnomes (2018) (**) Johnny Depp is the voice of a legendary gnome detective on a missing persons case in this animated film featuring songs Elton John and Bernie Taupin. Extras include featurettes and a music video.  

South Park: The Complete 21st Season (2017-18) (***) features all of the show’s latest episodes in a two disc set with mini commentaries by the show’s creators.


Peter Pan (1953) (***) has been reissued in a signature collection edition with most of the extras from previous releases duplicated in this new package. 

Warner Archive: (can be purchased at www.wbshop.com) 

The Colossus of Rhodes (1961) (***) is a rousing sword and sandal spectacle starring Rory Calhoun. It’s also the first director credit for Sergio Leone. Extras include audio commentary.  

Designing Woman (1957) Gregory Peck is a sportswriter who, after a writing assignment, hastily marries Lauren Bacall in this romantic comedy from director Vincent Minnelli. Extras include a mini documentary and theatrical trailer.  

Super Fly (1972) (***) This classic cult film stars Ron O’ Neal as a coke dealer who wants out in spite of the efforts of his superiors to keep him on the streets. Extras include documentaries, commentary and featurettes.

Kino Lorber: 

Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris (1975) (***) is a musical revue featuring nearly two dozen of the iconic French performer’s best-known songs. Extras include commentary, promotional film and interview.  

Photo: Sheila Frazier & Ron O’Neal in Super Fly

The Martian Chronicles (1980) (** ½) is a fairly faithful TV adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s novel chronicling the colonization of Mars. Michael Anderson’s direction is sluggish and there are dated aspects to the production but some of Bradbury’s larger messages still manage to come shining through. Rock Hudson leads a very good and diverse cast. Extras include an interview.  

Defining Hope (2017) (***) is an interesting documentary on the question regarding what makes life worth living. Extras include deleted scenes.

Twilight Time: (Limited to 3,000 units and available for purchase at www.twilighttimemovies.com and www.screenarchives.com).

Let’s Make Love (**) is one of Marilyn Monroe’s lesser films, wherein Yves Montand plays a tycoon attempting to woo an aspiring actress played by Monroe. Extras include isolated music track and the film’s trailer.  

My Gal Sal (1942) (** ½) stars Victor Mature as songwriter Paul Dresser in this musical biopic. Extras include isolated music track.  

My Sister Eileen (1955) (** ½) features Janet Leigh and Betty Garrett as two small town girls trying to make it in the Big Apple. Jack Lemmon also stars and Bob Fosse provides choreography. Extras include the film’s trailer and music track.  

Take a Girl Like You (1970) (** ½) Hayley Mills stars as a young woman attempting to hang on to her virginity while Oliver Reed attempts to rectify that situation in this British comedy. Extras include music track and the film’s trailer.

Coming soon: Blockers, Cinderella Liberty and A Quiet Place.