Bobbi GIf you had a price tag, how much would you be worth? If you answered anything less than “priceless” you’d be utterly wrong. Friends, the sheer value of the extraordinary skills you possess cannot possibly be measured in precious metals. In fact, the combined net worth of all your unique abilities and talents, conceivably, would never equal your weight in precious stones. Yes, you ARE irrefutably priceless!

Now, please bear with me as I step out of my usual precincts of topics for a brief moment to express my deepest sympathies for everyone affected by recent tragedies which have plagued our nation in the past several months. I don’t normally pen my views on news topics since we are repeatedly bombarded by the media. However, please know, it saddens me greatly to hear of circumstances far beyond the control of any one of us…loss of the precious lives of so many.

Each life, a jewel in the crown of humanity. No matter how bright, nor how tarnished. No matter how young, nor how old. How ill, or how healthy. How poor, or how rich. Each cherished life is undeniably priceless. Even though we struggle to comprehend the horror of one human being ending the life of another, versus the tragic death toll of extreme weather conditions. Every life matters.

Friends, I have walked in the deepest depths of the darkness. I have borne scars from the self-inflicted wounds of self-doubt and self-pity. Suffered the unpleasantness of abhorrence for one’s past. Not fully understanding how, or why, I descended beneath the candescence into an abyss of despair. I emerged in a distant place. A place where the glow of self-acceptance engulfed me. Driven by clarity, empathy and a deeper understanding of our need to co-exist, I compel you to allow understanding to shroud your judgement.

We cannot pretend to understand what we will never understand. Regardless of acts committed beyond our realm of comprehension. We do not walk in the footsteps of another, nor know their struggles or triumphs. We can, however, accept that each life is priceless…great or small.

Your worth is beyond measure making you irreplaceable. Everything you do, or say, will carry with it a precious stone, or shard of precious metal. Effortlessly tipping the scales even further. Yet, many of us do not see, feel or value our own worth. We struggle with self-deprecating behaviors, completely unaware that simply being ourselves, earns what no one, ever, will be able to quantify with a price.

So, keep being you. Then be you better by accepting others as themselves. Imagine the positive ramifications if we valued each other as we value ourselves. Project that into a ‘near future’ where we live in harmony. Accept our differences. Drop labels and erase lines to co-exist with each other as human beings. We are not savages. We possess characteristics mere animals never will. We are civilized. We are intelligent. We are invaluable assets to mankind.

Admitting the fact that you are priceless, exponentially invokes the understanding that everyone is priceless also. Therefore, as careful as we’d handle a precious stone…we should express this gentleness in kind to each other.

Be remarkable. Be amazing. Be incredible. Be priceless!

Can you imagine…your weight in awesome?

Smile, you’re worth it!