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BCS Gets It Right

December 12, 2013

As college football prepares for the final Bowl Championship Series, one that features a Florida State-Auburn championship game, it’s easy to see why the coming four-team playoff that begins in 2014 won’t solve all the postseason problems. 

I wonder if there will be years when we actually might miss the BCS and its 16-year run. 

The BCS sort of worked out this season. Top-ranked Florida State was the only team to get through the regular season unbeaten, and the Seminoles did it in dominating fashion. Auburn, at 12-1, won the Southeastern Conference, and has the best resume of the one-loss teams. 

The pairings became official Sunday night when the final BCS standings came out. There was no question about number 1 and number 2. It’ll be the Seminoles and Tigers at the Rose Bowl on Jan. 6 for the national championship. 

In the other marquee bowls: Alabama will play Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl, Clemson will play Ohio State in the Orange Bowl, Michigan State will play Stanford in the Rose Bowl and Baylor will play UCF in the Fiesta Bowl. 

Of course, Big 12 champion Baylor (11-1) and Big Ten champion Michigan State (12-1) might argue with that top two. But over 16 seasons college football fans have learned to live with the fact that there is only room for two. I think fans are just happy to have the top-two ranked teams playing, no matter who they are. Perhaps they remember the days when the Bowl Games rarely left us with a number-one vs. number-two matchup. It only happened eight times before the BCS came around. 

After this season of bowl games, we get to start preparing for next year. We get to think about next season’s format. In the new world order known as the College Football Playoff, a selection committee will pick four teams to play in national semifinals. The winners play for the championship. 

In my eyes, the controversy will now shift from who is number-two to who is number-four. Let’s discuss while the panel that includes Tom Osborne, Archie Manning and Condoleezza Rice sort out this season’s top four. Florida State and Auburn for sure. Would they take Baylor or Michigan State over a one-loss Alabama? The Crimson Tide are ranked higher as their only loss came at No. 2 Auburn. But Alabama did not win its conference. Baylor and Michigan State both won their conference. But their sole loss came to lesser teams. You see, these are the same questions that faced BCS voters. 

Last weekend was the best weekend of college football as we got conference title games all over the country. Florida State showed Duke how BCS title contenders play as it handed the Blue Devils a 45-7 loss in the ACC Championship Game.

The Seminoles are also celebrating the fact that the State of Florida will not be prosecuting Jameis Winston for alleged sexual assault. Winston is now the clear cut favorite to win the Heisman Trophy on Saturday. 

Auburn completed its worst to first season with a 59-42 victory in the Southeastern Conference championship game against Missouri. It is hard to believe that the Tigers didn’t win a conference game last season. Last week’s results left Auburn as the school to try to extend the SEC’s BCS championship game winning streak to eight games against the school, Florida State, that played for the first three BCS titles under Bobby Bowden.  

Winston Fall-Out 

As I mentioned within previous story, Jameis Winston will not be charged for alleged sexual assault. This story went national about a month ago even though the alleged incident took place late in 2012. There have been numerous charges that the local police in Tallahassee, FL. botched the case while giving Winston special treatment. Now that the decision to not move the case forward has been made, people are starting to talk. 

Winston, who has said the sex he had with the victim was consensual, has made additional statements.

Jameis Winston may get his Heisman

Now we will hear from the victim. The victim’s family has announced that they are holding a press conference this Friday, the day before the Heisman Trophy presentation Personally, I don’t see how anyone can approve of how the case was handled from the beginning and some of the actions by local police, Winston’s attorney and the State Attorney seem to be quite questionable. At least from the outside looking in. However, Winston is presumed innocent and if we just start assuming everyone is guilty just because someone said so, that is a shaky slope to start going down. It doesn’t mean the accuser is lying, it just means we can’t just assume she is telling the truth, without some evidence. And the State of Florida says they do not have enough evidence to get a conviction. 

I guess we will see what the family has to say on Friday. I wonder if it will tarnish the Heisman announcement on Saturday?   


Most golfers have asked themselves the question of who is supposed to yell “fore” when someone in their group hits an errant shot toward other players on the course. 

I have always thought it best that everyone who sees the potential danger should have their voice heard. What about the question of liability? Thanks to a recent ruling by a New Jersey Superior Court judge, the liability question has been addressed. 

Judge Thomas Vena ruled that only the golfer hitting the ball is responsible for yelling “fore” for errant shots. The judge dismissed claims against the other two members of a threesome who kept quiet while the third player’s shot struck and injured a player in another fairway. 

Here is the story, one that most of us can picture quite readily. In fact, most of us have likely faced a similar situations. 

Mr. Duffy sliced his ball over the sparse tree barrier separating the 15th and 16th fairways, and the golf ball struck Mr. Corino in his right eye. Mr. Corino claims that he did not hear anyone yell “fore” or provide any other warning prior to the ball striking him. The errant shot broke the Plaintiff’s sunglasses, and the broken shards of glass severely lacerated his eye. 

Mr. Corino then sued the entire threesome under the theory that they were all negligent and reckless for not warning bystanders of Mr. Duffy’s errant tee shot. 

So let’s review. Morally, it is a good idea for everyone to shout out “fore” when needed. Liability-wise, the player who struck the ball heading toward other players really needs to yell out one distinct four-letter word, “fore” before any other four-letter words follow.



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