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The Age of Aquarius

February 6, 2014

I will be turning 39 (again) very soon. My birthday is in the second week of February, which makes me a full-blown Aquarius. So, what does that mean? Does it mean I’m a reincarnated citizen of Atlantis? Or, perhaps that I’m a person who is fond of aquariums? Nope, it means I’m the sign of the Water Bearer. (May I refill your glasses, anyone?)

True to my curious nature I investigated the personality traits of the Aquarian individual to see how much like that sign I really am. I am ruled by the 11th house in the Zodiac and my ruling planet is Uranus. (Heh, heh, when I say “Uranus” around my husband he usually comes off with a glib remark about phonetically sounding out the word.) Aquarius is an air sign, so I’m kind of like one of those large helium-filled balloons at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, just bobbing through the air, taking in the crowd.

My lucky gem is turquoise. Pfffhh...and all this time I thought my lucky gems were diamonds! My opposite sign is Leo that means that, allegedly, I don’t get along too swimmingly with folks born in August. My younger brother and his wife are both Leos with birthdays just one day apart. And, aside from an occasional outbreak of noogies, we’ve gotten along just fine all through the years.

It is said that Aquarians present themselves in one of two ways. They can be shy and quiet or boisterous, eccentric, and energetic. Okay, I’ll put a check mark beside “quiet” and also “eccentric.” About the only time I’m “boisterous” is if tequila is involved and, being “energetic” completely eludes me.

We are supposed to be deep thinkers and have a penchant for helping others. Well...yup, I am and I do. Aquarius is a sign of fierce independence. Oh, that’s definitely true. I don’t like anyone getting on my cloud. (Hey, you! Get off of my cloud!). I am an air sign after all; go get your own cloud, please. Also, I prize intuition tempered with logic. The intuition part is completely true. I am highly aware of all the vibes going on all around me. As for logic, I find a use for it most of the time, but there are instances documented in my personal history where I have been known for pulling insanely illogical stunts.

The Aquarian is supposed to see both sides of an argument without any prejudices. (If my friends and family are reading this they are probably snorting with laughter at this notion!)

Aquarians also have a deep need to be alone and away to rejuvenate themselves. This is true. My belief has always been that in order to truly know yourself you must first be alone with yourself. It is written that the key word for my sign is imagination. I can’t deny that sometimes I imagine there are no countries, nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too. I imagine all the people living life in peace. You know, John Lennon was a dreamer but not the only one.

Key words as strengths, according to the Aquarian profile, are “progressive,” “humanitarian” and “independent.” Now, um, I don’t know about “progressive.” Most days I feel like I’m digressing instead of progressing. If “independent” can possibly equate to being headstrong, then I can raise my hand on that one. Definitively, I am a humanitarian. I do care for the world of “hoomans” and “critters” very much. I lean toward “critters,” though, because overall, they are a much nicer lot.

My weaknesses, according to my profile, are: “Runs from emotional expression.” Hmmmm... I don’t think so.

“Uncompromising.” Well now, that would depend on who you ask.

“Temperamental.” (Ouchie! I have to raise my hand here.)

Last, but certainly not least, “Aloof.” I hate it, but I have been accused of this.

Overall, I like fun with friends, helping others, intellectual conversation and I am a good listener ... Um, huh? What did you say? Sometimes I am like everyone else in the world, my hearing can be selective, depending on my mood at the time. I can’t believe this profile does not include being moody!

The two signs I get along best with are fellow air signs, Libra (October babies) and Gemini (May babies). The first time, I got married it was to a Pisces. Ugh, what a total mismatch! It lasted less than two years! I have been married to a very even-keeled, kind and generous Libra man going on 25 years now. He’s a person of great patience I must say, as sometimes I can hardly stand to be in a room with my own self. As far as Gemini goes, I have long friendships with one or two and well, heck, they are just as looney as I am! (Ya’ll know who you are.) Aries and Sagittarians are also good as Aquarian friends. But, frankly, every sign in the Zodiac has its special moments as far as I’m concerned.

Yep, mateys, it is the dawning of the “age” of Aquarius, same time, same place, every year at my house. But the real question is: What age is this Aquarius, the wacky one, the sensitive one, the lucky one??? I ain’t a gonna tell ya! Just let it be said that I am happy to turn 39 once again. Nonetheless, there is always a clue about that age thing. If you put enough candles on the cake to represent my true age (And, that would be chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, thank you very much!) you would have a real bonfire going on.

Uh, oh! Ya’ll better keep the fire department on stand-by! Ack! Where the heck did I put the fire extinguisher?

Happy birthday to all Aquarians! May this year be your best yet!

And, lest I forget, love and peace to all you kind readers, no matter what your sign may be.




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