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Questionable Perception

August 7, 2014

FOREWARNING: This article contains movie spoilers. So if you’re planning on watching Guardians of the Galaxy and haven’t yet, it will be somewhat spoiled if you read this.

SECONDARY FOREWARNING: Past the spoiling, the subject matter will become quite deep. In order to understand it, you must open your mind. Be prepared to perceive a parallel perception of things presented. Out of the box thinking is required, mental floaties are optional.

ADDITIONAL FOREWARNING: We will be trekking into dark, foreboding and perhaps, at times, somewhat morbid territory. Reader discretion is advised.

FINAL FOREWARNING: This article contains multiple forewarnings...hmm that was more of an aft-warning...well anywho—you have been warned! Moving on!

Marvel Comics based-films have become well known for their post-credits scenes. Usually these are short sequences giving a sneak peek into future films and feature new characters that will appear in said films. So imagine the shock and surprise when following the Guardians of the Galaxy credits there is a cameo by Howard the Duck. This immediately sent a negative shockwave through audiences and Marvel fandom.

The problem is, when considering Howard, most people relate to the gawd-awful 1986 film by George Lucas (This ass-clown could create one of the most famous inter-galactic trilogies of all time then totally screw-up the tale of a talking duck from outer space?) Very few people know the true Howard the Duck who was presented in 31 issues from 1976 to 1979. This foul mouthed fowl was a cynical, smartass anti-hero before being a cynical smartass anti-hero was cool. Howard was actually a pioneer in the comics world, providing a realistic and serious view of what if talking ducks walked amongst us? Yet because of Mr. Lucas’ shortcomings, many cringe and refuse to imagine this duck, trapped in a world he never made, standing proudly beside the likes of the Avengers. But is his displacement caused by the failed film or is it something more?

Could it be that the reason moviegoers are already criticizing and rebuking the duck’s possible return all be a matter of perception? Rather than blame the box office flop, could the reason Howard is made so unwelcome be because he doesn’t fit the current comic book super-hero criteria? Are moviegoers so biased that they would deny this duck because he’s not some ripped guy or busty babe in spandex? Maybe not on the surface but deep down, past the ideological B.S. , human beings are hard wired in a very negative way. It is this hard wiring that keeps most trapped within the confines of the box.

Why do people who religiously watch homicide investigation and medical shows scoff at cartoons? Can they not perceive that its just all varying levels of non-reality? If you want to argue that those aforementioned shows are so much like real life, then why are the people in those shows never watching those kinds of shows? Why do people who have never seen or dealt with rats still find them repulsive? Yet they’ll pick up a kitten whose claws are filled with the germs of its own feces and cuddle it.

During the spring people set out bird seed and hummingbird feeders. These birds are the ones that s*** on your car just after it’s washed. Yet no one sets out carrion for the vultures, crows and hawks? Given, rotting meat on a stick in your yard would seem kind of weird...and therein we see the point. Why is that weird? Think about it.

Is our perception based on what we actually know and have seen to be true or is it assumptions based solely on our outdated hard wiring? It would seem that for us to proceed further as a race we need to stop trying to “think outside the box” and just get out of the box altogether.

I welcome almost all questions and comments either through the Focus, or just E-mail me at Or you can FRIEND me on Facebook under Saw’s Brood!

Hope to hear from ya, until then try and stay focused. See ya!




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