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The Greatest Tea Party

March 7, 2013

Like Alice in Wonderland I sat on a chair four sizes too small in front of a table of the same diminutive size and decorated with storybook princesses. Suddenly, as is the instantaneous burst of excitement from a child, the little Princess decided to invite more guests to our tea party. And after a brief moment in thought, she rushed around the Polk-a-dot forest (as she calls her playroom) in her Rapunzel dress and found two utterly dignified subjects. Seating Duchess Minnie and Duke Goofy in the same chair, she lovingly covered them with a royal coverlet to prevent chill.

Returning to her task of handing me tea party essentials, it soon became apparent the little princess was committed to absolutely everything being on the table. As plates and cups stacked two and three high, finding a spot to put the fruits, corn, butter, hamburgers and cookies quickly blended the art of balance and resolve. As she kept giving me plastic kitchen stuff pulled from the contents of the royal ‘tea party’ chest eventually I started grouping like things together. What else could I do?

Certain we had more than enough bounty on the table I asked if it was tea party time, to which she answered in a sing-song tone, “N-ot y-et.” So we, the Duke, Duchess and I, graciously waited. Reaching a total of five forks, three knifes and six spoons I asked again if it was time to have tea. “N-ot y-et!” she smiled and continued to peruse the bottom of the chest.

Finally, everything was on the table; and not a moment too late as it all looked delicious. Oh, but there were tomatoes and cucumbers to cut in half. Gathering items and a plastic knife she went to the kitchen area and cut them in half. Helping, I found half a green pepper, then searched the smorgasbord till I located the other half, stuck the Velcro dots together and announced I’d found another vegetable to cut. Thanking me, she smiled as she took the green pepper in her small hand and returned to her task at the sink.

Gazing at the table, satisfied all preparations had been made, the Princess sat announcing it was time to have a tea party. With all the grace of a princess, Sunshine asked if I would like some tea. “Please.” I replied as I handed over my cup while she poured from a tea pot which made sounds like liquid pouring. While I was pondering the impressiveness of the sound effects I asked my precocious granddaughter if she’d like any turkey. “Yes, please.” And so was the beginning of the greatest tea party.

It’s amazing how a child’s wide-eyed enthusiasm at finding the utmost pleasure in the smallest thing is remarkable in one way, and yet so connected to the simple joy of being ‘in the moment’ in another. We adults could take heed to live each and every moment of every day as children do.

For instance, I’ve had the pleasure of spending four days with Sunshine. The very act of doing so was a big thing because I had to rearrange my schedule. Yet, being ‘three again’ with a three-year old was an enchanting succession of little things. To allow our inner child to play is one of the most treasured joys in life.

One adventure after the next we watched kid movies and played Mr. Potato Head. We built castles out of plastic blocks and drew pictures on magic drawing boards. Endless hours were spent posing as she took pictures with her Leap Pad; then she explained each color on her artwork. It intrigued me to watch her draw a teacher, from a photo of herself, by adding glasses and a big smile. What fun we had.

Remember, we don’t need children to connect to our childlike joy. Follow your inner knows the way to bliss.

Can you imagine...enjoying the small things?

Smile, your inner child wants to play. | |



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